President Biden’s first day actions signal a welcome change in direction for wild forest policy.

The consumer goods giant continues to make irresponsible use of the world’s forests.

Drilling in the Arctic was always a bad idea, and it is only getting worse. Though the first lease sale of land in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge was a complete failure, we need to prevent any future sales and make sure the entire refuge is fully protected from any future development.

The Biden administration will be taking over, and there's a lot to do to protect our environment and the health of our families.

All Americans should care about the wildlife on the coast plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, even if we never visit.

In a world overrun by plastic pollution, Thanksgiving shouldn’t come with a side of plastic. That's why we're calling on Whole Foods to take action.

President-elect Biden plans to nominate former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm as Sec. of Energy. We think that's promising for move us forward towards a cleaner, greener future.

Environment Michigan's new report "A Path to Cleaner Water" highlights the benefits of investing in our water infrastructure.

We're continuing to push for 100% renewable energy commitments from cities, colleges, and universities. They have an important opportunity to help us get to zero carbon emissions, and they need to show that leadership.