For what would become the nation’s most effective conservation and recreation law, it was an awkward beginning. 

Installation of a home water filter can be an easy way to protect your family from a number of drinking water threats. Make sure you pick the right filter.

The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund is critical to supporting our public lands. We've been working hard to get permanent funding through Congress and on the Preseident's desk.

Michigan needs to show leadership on solar power and require all new homes to be built with solar panels when feasible.

Tips for making the most of a backyard camping adventure.

Recent Trump adminstration rule rollbacks reduced protection for some types of wetlands and headwater streams. This threatens water quality around the country. See our op-ed in The Hill

This time of year female Michigan turtles are leaving their aquatic homes to lay eggs on land. If you can safely stop and help them across the road please help them continue in the direction they’re heading.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Greener Together writing contest! We are pleased to announce the winners.

The recent flooding in Midland, Michigan, occured upstream of a Dow Chemical facility and the downstream Superfund site related to that facility. We're concerned about the flooding creating toxics releases in addition to the harm to the flooded communities.

Lots of spring wildflowers are blooming in woodlands around Michigan. Get out and enjoy them!