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Many of our members emailed Michigan's Public Service Commission asking them to review Enbridge's permit application for their risky plan for Line 5. It worked!

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New PFAS limits for drinking water go into effect August 3rd. They're only a first step.

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For what would become the nation’s most effective conservation and recreation law, it was an awkward beginning. 

Report | Environment Michigan Research and Policy Center

Beach closures from pollution, particularly fecal contamination, occur too frequently across Michigan and around the country. Washington D.C. needs to invest in our infrastructure to protect our water.

News Release | Environment America

"With today’s passage of this bill, we’re one step away from putting a lock and key on funding that has always been intended for conservation projects -- yet consistently diverted to other purposes. We’re closer to adopting a new consciousness for today’s world, that our lives are made richer if surrounded by more nature, rather than more extracted resources."


Coronavirus update

Our work to defend the environment can’t stop and won’t stop in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll keep advocating on your behalf — at a safe social distance — for clean air, clean water, clean energy, wildlife and open spaces, and a livable climate.